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What is laserlipolysis and what is it for?

Laserlipolysis is an aesthetic treatment that uses low-power lasers to help eliminate localized fat and improve the appearance of body contour. It is also known as laser lipolysis or laser liposuction. In this article we tell you what this technique consists of and what parts of the body it is used for.

The laserlipolysis procedure

It is important to note that laserlipolysis is not a method for losing weight or treating obesity. It is intended to treat specific areas of localized fat that do not respond well to diet and exercise. The procedure is less invasive compared to traditional liposuction as it uses a gentler laser technique and does not require general anesthesia.

Treatment is usually carried out as follows:

  1. Local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is administered to the area to be treated to numb the area and minimize any discomfort during the procedure.
  2. Small incisions. Small incisions are made in the skin in selected areas where you want to remove fat.
  3. Insertion of the laser fiber. Through the incisions, a thin optical fiber with a laser tip is inserted into the subcutaneous fat layer. This fiber emits low power laser energy.
  4. Laser movement. The laser moves gently within the fatty tissue, emitting energy that aims to break down fat cells (adipocytes) and melt localized fat.
  5. Fat extraction. The melted fat is removed through aspiration techniques or through massage and lymphatic drainage.
  6. Closure of incisions. Small incisions are closed with sutures or allowed to close naturally.

What parts of the body is laserlipolysis usually performed on?

Laserlipolysis can be performed in different parts of the body where there is localized fat and the aim is to improve body contour. Some of the most common areas where laserlipolysis is performed include:

  1. Abdomen. The abdominal area is one of the most common areas to perform laserlipolysis. It can help eliminate localized abdominal fat and achieve a more defined contour.
  2. Waist and flanks. Also known as “love handles” or “love handles,” fat accumulated on the sides of the abdomen can be treated with laser lipolysis to achieve a narrower waist and smoother contour.
  3. Thighs. Both the inner and outer thighs are popular areas for laserlipolysis. It seeks to reduce fat and improve the general appearance of the thighs, especially in people who have a tendency to accumulate fat in this area.
  4. Buttocks. Laserlipolysis can also be performed on the buttocks to improve its shape and contour. It can help reduce localized fat in the buttocks and give a more toned and firm appearance.
  5. Arms. The upper arms, particularly the back of the arms, are another area where laserlipolysis can be performed. It helps eliminate fat in the arms and reduce sagging, achieving more toned arms.
  6. Back. Fat accumulated in the back, especially in the lower back region, can be treated with laserlipolysis to achieve a smoother and more defined contour.

Do you have any part of your body that you would like to treat with laserlipolysis? Clear your doubts and contact us. At Benavides Aesthetic Medicine we are the allies of your beauty.

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