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What does our treatment of Eternal Youth consist of?

The comprehensive rejuvenation treatment, or Eternal Youth, is a highly effective option to revitalize your body and stimulate biological functions again, thus enhancing your well-being, performance and energy. Read on to find out what the treatment entails.

Eternal Youth in two components

This Benavides Aesthetic Medicine treatment focuses on two key components: the recovery and improvement of the body’s functioning, as well as the stimulation of the development of the systems.

First of all, the biological component is addressed to restore and improve the functioning of the body in general. This involves the use of amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins that act synergistically to stimulate external revitalization. These essential elements provide the nutrients needed to support cellular health and rejuvenation, resulting in a younger, more radiant appearance.

This comprehensive treatment offers numerous benefits, especially in cases of decreased hormone production, loss of cognitive and mental abilities, sleep, eating and libido disorders, deterioration of the immune system, energy and protein production, loss of muscle and bone mass. , as well as the increase in fat mass.

These conditions are common with the natural aging process and can also be caused by external factors such as stress, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.

Take care of your body inside and out

One of the most notable advantages of this approach is that it combines aesthetics with the promotion of health and well-being. It not only focuses on improving the external appearance, but also on optimizing the proper internal functioning of the body. By revitalizing your internal systems, you experience a noticeable improvement in your quality of life and overall vitality.

This comprehensive treatment is also broken down into specific therapies to address different parts of the body and systems, such as the skin-muscle, liver, heart, bones and cartilage, kidneys, lungs, brain, adrenal gland (related to stress), the thymus, spleen, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract and thyroid.

Each of these therapies is tailored to individual needs and focuses on strengthening and rejuvenating the organ or system in question.

The procedure for this comprehensive treatment is carried out in two main ways. First, a treatment is administered orally twice a day for a period of 2 to 3 months. This option is convenient and easy to follow, allowing patients to incorporate the treatment into their daily routine without significant interruptions.

Secondly, the injected treatment option is offered, which may be more suitable for specific cases that require a faster response or a more precise concentration of nutrients.

Regarding the frequency of treatment, it is recommended to perform two cycles a year to maintain the results and continue stimulating the revitalization of your body.

Are you looking to preserve your beauty and health despite the passing of the years? Get in touch with us to tell you more about the innovative Eternal Youth treatment. .

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