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Why is it called fractional CO2 laser?

The name “fractional CO2 laser” refers to the type of laser used in a specific aesthetic treatment and the way the light beam is divided into small fractions.

It is so called because it uses carbon dioxide as its light amplification medium. This type of laser emits a wavelength of light that is absorbed by the water in the skin, resulting in vaporization of the tissue.

The word “fractionated” refers to the way the laser light beam is delivered. Instead of applying the light beam evenly over the entire surface of the skin, the fractional CO2 laser divides the light beam into small fractions that are delivered to the skin in specific patterns. This allows the laser to treat only a fraction of the skin in each pulse, leaving untreated areas of skin to aid in healing and reduce recovery time.

The combination of the CO2 laser with fractional delivery of the light beam allows this treatment to provide  noticeable results to the skin  without the more serious side effects associated with traditional ablative CO2 lasers.

The history of the fractional CO2 laser 

This technology dates back to the 1980s, when CO2 lasers began to be used to treat various skin conditions, including scars, wrinkles, and precancerous lesions.

However, at that time, the full ablative CO2 laser was the only type of laser available. This type of laser completely removed the top layer of skin, resulting in a prolonged recovery and a higher risk of side effects, such as prolonged redness, inflammation, and scarring.

Over time, researchers began to explore ways to use the CO2 laser more precisely and safely. In the 1990s, a technique called “fractional laser” was developed, which split the laser light beam into multiple fractions so that only a fraction of the skin was treated in each pulse. This allowed the surrounding skin to assist in healing and reduced side effects.

The next evolution in the history of the fractional CO2 laser occurred in the 2000s, when the fractional CO2 laser was developed, which combines fractional laser technology with the CO2 laser. This type of laser allowed for greater control over the depth of laser penetration, making it ideal for treating skin problems at different levels, such as fine wrinkles, acne scars, and sun spots.

As you can see, the laser is one of the safest methods to treat the signs of aging and at Benavides Aesthetic Medicine we have this treatment to restore beauty to your body and face.  Contact us  to learn more about the CO2 laser. 

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