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What is Chemical Bichectomy and how is it performed?

Doctor, what is chemical bichectomy? My patients ask me. In this article we tell you.

As the years go by, the signs of aging begin to settle on our body, especially on the face and particularly on the cheeks where excess fat is difficult to remove.

Fortunately, there are cutting-edge treatments such as chemical bichectomy to restore beauty to this area of the face.

What is bichectomy

Bichectomy is a very comfortable and reliable procedure that involves removing bichat fat from the cheek area and flattening it, making the cheekbones more prominent.

Furthermore, with the removal of bichat fat, you get the V face shape, which narrows from top to bottom and is considered the “ideal” today.

And chemical bichectomy?

Now that we know what bichectomy is, we will talk about what chemical bichectomy is.

Enzyme therapy is a modern method that injects local enzymes such as lipase, collagenase, hyaluronidase and lyase into the skin and subcutaneous tissue to reduce localized fat, in this case the fat located on the cheeks.

Each enzyme only works on a certain component without negatively affecting the other structures. Lipase degrades triglycerides in the fat cells of adipocytes, reducing their volume without damaging them.

Collagenase breaks down accumulated non-functional collagen, leading to the formation of functional collagen, tightening sagging skin and reducing scars.

For their part, hyaluronidase and lyase break down polysaccharides, which causes greater fluid retention in a certain area such as the cheeks.

How is a chemical bichectomy performed?

It is important that in addition to knowing what bichechtomy is, you can learn how this procedure is performed.

The enzyme cocktails are injected through several small punctures in the cheek area.

This procedure should be performed 2 to 5 times with an interval of about 2 to 3 weeks, with gradual reduction after each session of fat in the area and strengthening of the contours of the jaw and cheeks.

Advantages of chemical bichectomy

After knowing what chemical bichectomy is and how it is performed, below we present the advantages of this technique to make the cheeks look more stylized and improve the appearance of your face:

· Since the cheek slimming process is non-surgical, it triggers collagen production, rejuvenates facial expression and tightens skin.

· Quick Results: Unlike surgical bichectomy, which requires an incision and a long recovery time, chemical bichectomy is a non-invasive procedure that offers quick results.

· It is more cost-effective than a surgical bichectomy and is completed in less time.

·Side effects are minimal and you can continue with your daily life without problems.

· As it is not surgical, it is not an invasive procedure, it does not require hospitalization or long recovery periods.

· The results of chemical bichectomy are long-lasting.

· Improves the self-esteem of people who feel uncomfortable with the size of their cheeks.

After knowing what chemical bichectomy is and knowing how the procedure is performed, are you interested in this technique to give harmony to your face? Do you want to know more about what chemical bichectomy is and its benefits?

It is important to keep in mind that the results of chemical bichectomy depend on each patient, so it is important that you schedule your appointment now to provide you with the best medical advice.

Get in touch with us, at Benavides Aesthetic Medicine we have the perfect treatment for your body to regain its beauty.

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