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What are dark circles and eyelid bags?

Dark circles and eye bags can negatively draw attention to your face. As a result, patients are frequently seen requesting cosmetic improvement of their dark circles or bags under the eyes.

Fortunately, lower eyelid bags and dark circles can be treated in several ways at Benavides Aesthetic Medicine to improve their appearance.

What causes dark circles and eyelid bags?

Lower eyelid bags and dark circles develop from a variety of factors. These factors can appear with age, but they can also be present from youth.

From an anatomical perspective, dark circles and eye bags can be caused by:

·     Excess fat around the eye itself, which protrudes forward and creates bumps.

·     Too little fat under the eye bag, which creates a hollow or sunken area and creates a shadow.

·     Insufficient bone volume of the cheeks.

·     Loose and wrinkled skin

·      Excess pigments or blood vessels in the skin and tissue

Treatment Options for Dark Circles and Eye Bags

First, non-surgical treatments are usually initiated, including basic skin care, tretinoin, and/or chemical peels. Topical creams or ointments containing hydroquinone or similar lighteners can help improve dark circles for a more even skin tone.

Light chemical peels can also soften the color and surface of the skin. Deeper peels require special assessment. These skin treatments can help improve the quality, pigmentation changes, and overall appearance of your face.

The next non-surgical option is to add volume to the “valley” of the lower eyelid, that is, the tear canal and the infraorbital rim. For this, facial fillers or fat injections are used to fill this area and help camouflage the eyelid bags.

Facial fillers are made from a hyaluronic acid gel, which the body slowly eliminates over time. The results can last approximately one year. Treating eye bags with fillers is performed under local anesthesia, while fat injections are most commonly performed using intravenous sedation.

The lower eyelid plastic surgery option is blepharoplasty. This can remove or reposition excess fat, eliminate sagging skin and/or tighten the eyelid muscle as needed.

At Benavides Aesthetic Medicine we have non-invasive treatments to improve the appearance of your dark circles and eyelid bags. We want you to look in the mirror and feel confident that you have a beautiful and harmonious face. Get in touchwith us and learn about the latest generation treatments we have 

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