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Tone your skin and achieve a slender figure with hydrolymphoclasia

Hydrolymphoclasia is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure used to reduce localized fat in specific areas of the body. It’s also known as ‘ultrasonic lipolysis’ or ‘non-surgical liposuction’. With this procedure, you can tone your skin and achieve a slim figure. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Which body parts can be treated with hydrolymphoclasia?

Thehydrolymphoclasia proccedure can be used to treat specific areas of the body with localized fat accumulation. Some of the body parts include:

  1. Abdomen. Hydrolymphoclasia can help reduce abdominal fat and improve the appearance of the area.
  2. Flanks (sides of the abdomen). Also known as ‘love handles’, these fat deposits on the sides of the abdomen can be treated with hydrolymphoclasia.
  3. Thighs. Hydrolymphoclasia can be used to reduce localized fat in the inner or outer thighs, improving leg shape and contour.
  4. Arms. Arms with excess fat on the upper part, known as ‘bat wings’, can be treated with hydrolymphoclasia to reduce fat and enhance arm definition.
  5. Buttocks. Hydrolymphoclasia can help eliminate excess fat in the buttocks region, improving the shape and contour of this area.
  6. Double chin. Accumulated fat under the chin and in the double chin area can be treated with hydrolymphoclasia to reduce volume and improve facial profile.

It’s important to note that the choice of areas to treat with hydrolymphoclasia will depend on the patient’s aesthetic goals and the assessment conducted by the specialist physician, such as Dr. María Fernanda Benavides. Each patient is unique, and the treatment areas may vary based on individual needs.

The hydrolymphoclasia procedure generally involves the following steps:

  1. Preparation. The patient is evaluated, and treatment areas are determined. Measurements and photographs may be taken to track progress. Local anesthetics or light sedation may also be administered, depending on the physician’s preference and judgment.
  2. Solution infiltration. A sterile saline solution mixed with medications like lidocaine and epinephrine is infiltrated into the subcutaneous fat layer of the treatment area. This solution helps numb the area, reduce bleeding, and facilitate fat removal.
  3. Ultrasound application. An ultrasound device emitting high-frequency waves and energy is used to break down fat cells in the treated area. These ultrasonic waves generate vibrations that destabilize the cell membranes of fat cells, emulsifying the fat and turning it into a liquid substance.
  4. Fat aspiration. Once the fat has been emulsified, a suction device or syringe connected to a thin cannula is used to extract the liquid fat from the body. The amount of fat removed depends on the treated area and the patient’s esthetic goals.

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