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Tensor threads and botulinum toxin your best allies for an eyebrow lift

Do you look in the mirror and dislike the appearance of your eyebrows over the years? This already has a solution thanks to the use of tension threads and botulinum toxin that will restore harmony to your face. Do you want to know more about lifting with these products? Here we tell you.

Eyebrow lift with tension threads

The popularity of this minimally invasive procedure has skyrocketed in recent years. Early iterations of this treatment used permanent threads, but today, ultra-fine medical-grade threads made from polydioxanone, or PDO, are used. An FDA approved material historically used for dissolvable sutures.

The “installation” of PDO threads creates micro-injuries beneath the skin’s surface, triggering its healing response and subsequently the growth of new collagen.   Brow lifts with PDO threads require great precision and intimate knowledge of facial anatomy like that of Dr. María Fernanda Benavides.

You can expect up to 2 years of results from using threads before they dissolve completely. They can also be an immediate improvement when you need to look radiant, for example for a big social event or a wedding, this treatment can work very well.

Brow lift with botulinum toxin

To better understand how neurotoxins can create a brow-lifting effect, you need to know the following. The frontal muscle of the forehead is known as the levator muscle, since its only job is to lift the forehead. On the contrary, there are depressor muscles around the eyes, the orbicularis oculi, which are responsible for crow’s feet, which pull the forehead downward.

When it comes to a botulinum toxin brow lift, it relaxes the muscles that pull the eyebrow and eyelid down. This releases the orbicularis depressor of the eyelids, allowing the frontal one to raise the tail and open the eye.

Eyebrow lift at Benavides Aesthetic Medicine

As is the case with booking any injectable treatment, it is essential to find a certified and experienced provider where to perform it like Benavides Aesthetic Medicine. Here we combine both techniques to perform a brow lift with spectacular results.

We are your best allies to give new life to your face and your body. Contact us to tell you about all the treatments we have to restore harmony to your body  

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