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We will mention one more reason to do sports and avoid a sedentary life and we will comment in this article on the benefits of doing physical activity for our skin, hopefully it will be another reason to motivate yourself to do exercise routines.

The skin benefits when we perform physical activity, since skin circulation increases, supplying more oxygen and nutrients and the skin is nourished with this increased circulation, obviously this causes healthy skin.

This increase in circulation and nutrition of this organ (the skin) reinforces the activities of collagen and elastin, which gives youth and well-being to your skin.

When you exercise you also sweat and it serves as a detoxifier since toxins that are accumulated in the skin are eliminated. Another reason to encourage us to have healthier looking, smoother, more elastic and firm skin.

Doing permanent and routine exercises will allow the skin to regenerate quickly and regularly, as it provides the necessary antioxidants to prevent it from being damaged by free radicals.

Another recommendation to achieve healthy skin is through proper nutrition, a healthy diet and in the necessary quantities that our body requires.

Remember that the hydration we achieve by drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water a day will help us have hydrated and healthy-looking skin.

Let us always remember the importance of maintaining exercise routines that will allow us to have healthy skin that is protected against agents that damage it.

I hope this article is useful to encourage you to do some physical activity.

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