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Is cheek filler and cheek lift the same?

It is on the face where the signs of aging are first noticed. That is why many treatments such as cheek filler or cheek lift focus on the face to delay these signs. But are both treatments the same? The answer is no and in this article we explain why.

Cheek lift

A cheek lift can address the sagging of cheek tissue that occurs over time. When fat in this area atrophies, it tends to move downward along the face, pulling the skin with it. This ultimately has an aging effect on the appearance of the entire midface, which includes the cheeks, lower eyelids, and mouth area.  

Paradoxically, signs of volume loss in the cheeks include the development of bags under the eyes and large nasolabial folds (“parenthesis lines”), as well as the development of double chins on the jawline. 

Cheek lift surgery literally lifts the cheek tissues by repositioning the underlying deep tissues to their original locations. This restores the cheekbones to a more youthful contour, as well as minimizing nasolabial folds and elevating the corners of the mouth. The results of cheek lift surgery typically last more than 15 years.

Cheekbone filling

Certain types of dermal fillers and collagen stimulators are specifically formulated to address facial volume loss. In fact, products like   Radiesse  are especially useful for improving the contour of the cheeks and mid-face, as well as lifting the corners of the mouth. 

Deep dermal and subdermal treatments can often be an ideal solution for patients who want to avoid surgery for as long as possible, as well as for people who want to experience a more “temporary” treatment to see how it improves as time goes by. months. During the procedure, the chosen injectable product is gently injected into the facial areas that are intended to be rejuvenated.  

By contrast

A cheek lift can produce results that last for decades. Dermal fillers are not capable of creating results that last that long, although some patients can achieve results that last up to two years. Radiesse, which stimulates your tissues to produce collagen, can provide results that last more than 4 years.

Another consideration is whether the facial fat atrophy is advanced to the point that there is not enough tissue to surgically lift to create the contour. In these cases, it is used in a series of injections to increase soft tissue volume, either alone or in preparation for a cheek lift.

While a long-term surgical procedure like a cheek lift will require a period of downtime, this is not the case with cheek filler treatments. Most patients can return to their normal daily routines the day after the procedure.  

Your face deserves to look as young and radiant as ever. That is why at Benavides Aesthetic Medicine we have many different treatments to restore youth and harmony to your face.  Contact us  to tell you which one is right for you. 

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