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Importance of sleep

Why is sleep important?: A third of our lives are spent sleeping. At the age of 60, we will have slept 20 of them.

Sleep represents a vital function because it is:

Essential (human beings cannot live without sleep)

Restorative (sleep “repairs” our body every day)

Complementary and fundamental to ensure wakefulness: we sleep so we can be awake the next day

Physiologically necessary: (regulator of biorhythms and guarantee of balance between internal biological demands and the external environment)

How essential is sleep?:

Sleeping well is essential for our health, and not only that; Good sleep allows us to meet daily demands in our work and social life.

According to specialists, children under 6 years of age should sleep about 15 hours, young adults between 7 and 9 hours, and after 60 years of age the time is reduced to 5 to 6 hours of sleep.

Importance of sleep

At work, the lack of good rest can manifest itself in various ways. The eyes and visual sense are affected, hypersensitive to light stimuli and other factors. Our reading ability is affected as well as concentration. Tiredness, heaviness, gastric problems and lack of energy appear in the body, which affects the performance of the body’s functions.

Before going to bed it is important to avoid caffeine, sweets and heavy foods. The room, the mattress, the pillows must be comfortable to fall asleep. For those for whom not sleeping has become a nightmare, the sleep clinic is the specialized place to study the disorder that affects them.

What happens if we don’t sleep?:

Some studies indicate that poor sleep impairs the brain’s control of emotions and makes one react more irrationally. When you don’t get enough sleep, the brain is unable to contextualize negative stimuli and give them an adequate response. Therefore, it works with more primitive patterns. This is why our society seems to be more emotionally irrational every day. This is especially important for people who have high responsibility and who need to perform fully during their performance.

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