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How is a cheek lift performed?

Delaying the signs of aging is becoming easier and less invasive every day, thanks to new advances in aesthetic procedures such as cheek lifts with tension threads. Do you know this technique? Below we will tell you what it consists of and how it is done.

What is a cheek lift?

A thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that tightens sagging skin and lifts sagging lower face. Thin, absorbable filaments are inserted under the skin to provide support and lift, and to stimulate collagen production.

It is performed with a small gauge needle and does not require incisions or cuts in the skin. They are particularly popular for treating the cheek area, jawline and neck. Thread lifts can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments to tighten the skin and improve the overall result.

When a cheek thread lift is performed,a few threads are insertedinto the skin on each side of the face and tightened to provide a gentle but noticeable lift.

At Benavides Aesthetic Medicine we use only delicate needles to insert threads into the skin, so the procedure is less invasive. Today, the thread material has small cones and spikes to provide better “grip” and lift for better, longer lasting results.

Advantages of a Cheek Thread Lift Over a Surgical Facelift

A traditional facelift is an invasive surgery that has a number of possible complications and different risks. Surgical facelifts require significant recovery time and strong pain medications postoperatively compared to a thread lift, which also produces measurable results.

Facelift surgery produces more pronounced results, however, some patients may find that the longer downtime, increased cost, and complications such as significant scarring outweigh the benefits of a surgical procedure.

The benefits of a cheek thread lift over a surgical facelift include:

·      Lower risks and complications

·      Quick procedure (you can enter and leave in 30-60min)

·     Fast recovery with little to no downtime

·      Lasting results (up to 3 years)

·     Without surgery

·      More affordable

·          No scars

Do you feel that the time has come to recover the youth and harmony of your face? Get in contact with us. At Benavides Aesthetic Medicine we have treatments with cutting-edge technology to restore harmony to your body.  

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