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Facial aging is specific to each individual and is regulated by genetic factors. Non-surgical facelift is a complex technique developed in our specialty for many years, to reverse the main signs of this progressive aging. The external factors that influence facial aging have different causes and that is why this technique has sought to correct the physiognomic changes of aging. This technique therefore requires thorough knowledge of anatomy, expertise and experience to reduce complications, and remove these stigmas about Aesthetic Medicine. Facial remodeling has evolved in order to minimize risks observed in surgeries. Muscle suspensions have varied in their execution and the vectors of each face are fundamental in the aesthetic results of this technique. The correction of flaccidity is accompanied by an interest in replenishing the volume of the surface of the face, especially the middle third. Rejuvenation techniques, especially non-surgical facial reshaping, require planning for each patient. The techniques can be combined, in the application of botulinum toxin, fillers with Hyaluronic Acid, tension threads and/or laser with fascinating results.

It is important to highlight that if we want to return the signs of youth, we must control the following points:
• Wrinkles generated by the action of the muscles of facial expression
• Return the subtle transition between the different anatomical areas
• Replenish the necessary volume according to each patient
• Improve skin texture
• Correct alterations in skin pigmentation
• Improve skin excesses or reposition structures such as neck, cheeks, eyebrows, etc.

Replacing the volume that is lost over time in the face has been a great challenge; We find Hyaluronic Acid fillers, which have a reasonable duration, are safe, compatible and have very predictable behavior. The application of facial fillers is today a procedure and a non-surgical alternative, with the sole purpose of softening folds, wrinkles in the perioral or periocular region, or increasing the volume of lips, cheeks, chin, mandibular border, etc. temporarily and safely. Since each filler with Hyaluronic Acid provides particular characteristics, it is vitally important that we inform our patients clearly about the advantages and disadvantages of the different fillers; in order not to generate false expectations and to be certain that the patient understands what is going to be performed, and that this is reflected in the informed consent of the procedure to be performed. In the initial assessment, it is essential to analyze our patient and indicate a personalized treatment and whether a combination of techniques is warranted. This is where we must clarify our patient’s expectations for an ideal result.
Hence the importance of doing treatments in particular cases, a combination of techniques and procedures to achieve the objectives with each patient, in order for facial remodeling with Aesthetic Medicine to achieve the objectives.
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