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Facial rejuvenation at your fingertips

It is inevitable in the lives of human beings to grow old, but what is not inevitable is to leave oneself young, attractive and energetic. For this reason, science and technology have worked hand in hand, so that we have available different methods of facial rejuvenation with very natural results, increasingly cheaper, more effective and less painful.

The best way to stay young is to maintain good eating habits, exercise continuously, protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen and pamper it with professional and home treatments, which will periodically help you keep it clean, radiant and smooth.

But sometimes it is necessary to go to aesthetic medicine, to return the skin’s firmness and color. Here we present those of us who work at Benavides Aesthetic Medicine.


It is a technique that consists of applying the product to the muscles of the face and neck, with a low-caliber needle to avoid scars. This procedure is completely outpatient and does not have the risk of facial paralysis.

With this technique you will see results almost instantly, as the product produces an elevation of the muscle, without the need to insert prostheses and stretches, maintaining the person’s natural features.

It is not suitable for pregnant women or people with heart problems.

Chemical Peel

It is a technique that consists of removing several layers of the epidermis by applying a specialized chemical to the skin. This produces new layers of better appearance, quality and texture.


Peeling increases collagen, which improves the appearance of wrinkles, reduces blemishes, controls facial oil and eliminates acne problems.

It is not recommended for people with kidney failure and heart problems and smoking should be avoided during treatment.


As its name says, it is a technique used to reshape the patient’s nose. It is a minimally invasive procedure, without cuts or surgery, which consists of making a small hole in the skin, and with rounded-tipped micro-cannulas, the fillers are introduced into the points needed.

However, this advanced technique cannot reduce its size or changes in areas that have large bone alterations, which will necessarily require surgical intervention.

As the main advantages of this technique, we must say that it is much more economical than rhinoplasty, in most cases a single session is enough and the recovery is almost immediate.

It is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with serious acne problems and exaggerated nasal dorsum.


It is a technique that consists of applying a series of micro injections into the skin, which allows it to hydrate, improve sagging and stimulate the creation of collagen, making it younger and softer.

The number of injections that each patient needs depends on the area to be treated, therefore this will be defined by your Aesthetic Doctor María Fernanda Benavides in the consultation. The patient feels slight micro pricks that are not bothersome and there may be some red spots that will disappear as they recover.

It is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, nor for people with serious skin problems.


Sometimes we feel dissatisfied with only part of our face, that is why in the world of health and aesthetics there are different remodelings with different types of fillers:

Filled with products registered in INVIMA

It is an organic anti-aging treatment with a plumping and regenerating effect on the skin, which acts by recovering the volume of the affected area, making it have a profiled and voluminous appearance, obtaining a natural and relaxed appearance.

Dermal fillers

It is a dermal filler that does not cause allergies or rejection. Thanks to its flexibility and biodegradable nature, it adapts to the aesthetic needs of your face. It is very popular for its natural “invisible” texture to the touch, its long-lasting effect and the wide range of areas in which it can be used.

Fillers for deeper wrinkles

It is a dermal filler with a very soft texture designed for deep wrinkles and reconstruction of sunken skin areas with loss of thickness. The gel remains where it has been injected, which makes it a unique method because it is not absorbed. It has an immediate and forever result.

The aesthetic doctor María Fernanda Benavides is the one who will tell you what type of filler is indicated for your case and what treatment you should follow. Remember that you can contact us with any questions and we will answer you in the shortest time possible.

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