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Dewlap / Double Chin Rejuvenation

As part of the aging process, we observe the emergence of dewlap or double chin issues due to various factors:

Skin: Dehydration – loss of firmness, lack of cleansing and hydration habits.

Wrinkles:Horizontal lines (venus necklaces) due to the passage of time, lack of use of nourishing and moisturizing dermocosmetic products.

Fat: Localized adiposity (double chin) due to weight gain, obesity, and lack of physical activity.

Muscle: Sagging due to lack of physical conditioning, sarcopenia due to insufficient protein intake with vitamins and minerals. Additionally, there can be the appearance of platysma bands, which is a vertical sagging of the neck and chin. The treatment focuses on combating sagging and treating fat. Recombinant genetically engineered proteolytic enzymes called collagenases, lipases, and hyaluronidases are used for treatment. Additionally, for neck fat or localized fat, we have:

ilcus:Ultrasound-guided lipolysis with saline solution and ultracavitation, performed in 2 sessions every 8 days.

Hypodermic therapy:injected treatment.

Manual lymphatic drainage: Detoxification and cleansing massage.

Finally, if sagging is also a concern, advanced equipment is used for treatment.

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doctora maria fernanda benavides

Dr. María Fernanda Benavides

Medical Surgeon from Universidad del Bosque in Bogotá, with a Master’s degree in Aesthetic Medicine and Laser in Medical and Interventionist Aspects from Universidad Islas Baleares in Palma Mallorca – Spain. She also holds two diplomas, one in Ultrasonic Hydrolipoclasia and Facial Rejuvenation from the International School of Aesthetic Medicine in Rome – Italy, and another in Clinical Trichology from Universidad Nuestra Señora del Rosario in Bogotá. With over 15 years of experience in aesthetic treatments, including both body and facial procedures, as well as laser equipment treatments utilizing cutting-edge technology.

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