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Definition of the facial oval

The ideal face is oval, where the vertex, that is, the chin, is defined and angled and the base is the broad and wide forehead, simulating the triangular shape, over the years, that is, chronoaging, hormonal changes and chronic sun damage photo aging that triangle is inverted by sagging, fat loss, bone absorption of the bone. This causes the features to be thicker and more masculine, so that the feeling of femininity is lost.

Furthermore, in some cases, this lack of tension causes the appearance of fatty deposits under the chin and around the jaw. Just below the chin, the double chin is a characteristic associated with loss of skin tension, overweight, obesity and also due to lack of hydration and nutrition in the skin.

On the other hand, the fatty package that increases around the jaw contour is called jowl and is known as cheeks, something that is the main cause of the loss of definition of the facial oval and therefore of that triangle of beauty, making it the face looked old.

Re-defining the facial oval in the middle and lower third of the cheekbones, chin and mandibular ramus is one of the processes performed on an outpatient basis in the office.

There are different types of treatments in Aesthetic Medicine for this, such as hyaluronic acid infiltrations, which help to regenerate and create collagen and elastin and produce skin tension to combat sagging, also collagen and elastin tension threads that redensify, revitalize and produce facial lifting, either smooth stimulus threads or spiculated to lift the face.

Thus, there are types of patients who can benefit from these treatments that seek to improve the symmetry, harmony and smoothness of the face.

  • Patients under 40 years of age. With this type of treatment, the aim is to define the mandibular area, where only sometimes chemical denervation will be needed with a product that is applied 3 times every 2-3 months and progressively defines the facial oval. Helping to enhance the essence of the beauty of the face and also recovers the oval face so that it does not look chubby.
  • Patients over 40 years of age. The aim is to recover the definition of the oval, with hyaluronic acid, tension threads and chemical denervation, a combination that increases the results, obviously depending on how you have taken care of your face all your life and under what conditions you arrive at the consultation, something that is essential for combat aging and recover the natural shape of the face.

A diagnostic criterion carried out with great care by the specialist to guarantee the success of the treatment. Let us remember that beauty is mathematical, where the important thing is proportions, harmony and angles. In this diagnosis, the patient’s medical history is opened and a computerized facial analysis is performed with photography to begin treatment. Together with this diagnosis they will form the best action plan for each case, since one of the maxims of our way of working is not to treat complexes but to take care of people, helping them to look better.

These different types of treatments can be done in the office itself and last 1 hour.

To do this, we work with hyaluronic acid infiltrations, tension threads and other natural substances that naturally help the face to maintain its original position and thus define the facial features, giving beauty, harmony and youth.

That is why it is an immediate treatment, without pain, without scars and without an annoying post-treatment, with which the changes in the face begin to be noticed immediately.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally present in the skin. This substance, which is responsible for the hydration and tension of the skin, among other things, is lost over time and is recovered again by avoiding the sun and having a good diet.

This type of treatment is indicated for all skin types, men and women, regardless of age, but it is important to have a personalized study based on the state of the facial oval of each patient, with the knowledge of the best professionals, they will be achieved. the best and long-lasting results.

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