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Chemical Bichectomy Procedures

Do you desire a more sculpted appearance for your face, highlighting the ‘V of beauty’ and achieving a more defined contour? If you’re considering undergoing a buccal fat removal (bichectomy) in Bogotá, you’ll be pleased to know that our specialist, Dr. Maria Fernanda Benavides, is experienced in Esthetic Medicine and has extensive expertise in this procedure.

You can have confidence and peace of mind knowing that the procedure will be performed safely, taking care of both the esthetics of your face and your health.


What is chemical bichectomy?

Chemical bichectomy is an outpatient, non-surgical, non-invasive procedure performed to remove and extract the fat or Bichat’s fat pads from the lower third of the face, which was previously done surgically.

However, Aesthetic Medicine has progressed rapidly in recent years, and there’s no longer a need to undergo unnecessary major risks. That’s why PROTEOLYTIC ENZYMES were created, a novel and innovative treatment that targets Bichat’s fat pads to restore the ‘V of beauty’ to the face and define the jawline contour.

medicina estética en bogotá

How is the bichectomy performed?

Bichectomy is performed using 3 enzymes:

  1. LIPASE: responsible for emulsifying, liquefying, and eliminating localized facial fat
  2. COLLAGENASE: eliminates aged, deteriorated, and fibrotic collagen, replacing it with youthful, renewed collagen to restore skin’s tensile strength, eliminate sagging, and achieve extraordinary skin tone. Collagen is a protein that’s part of the extracellular matrix, serving as a supportive and anchoring tissue. This results in the skin and ligaments adhering to deep structures, defining the facial oval.
  3. HYALURONIDASE: helps drain, extract, and remove fluids and cellular debris, enhancing the penetration of products or active ingredients. It also renews the skin’s own Hyaluronic Acid, resulting in smoother, softer, hydrated, and beautiful skin.

The number of sessions can vary from 1 to 3. Schedule your appointment now!

How long do the results of bichectomy last?.

Results can last between one and a half (1.5) to two (2) years

Bichectomy in Bogotá price

At Esthetic Medicine Benavides, we comprehensively evaluate each patient to determine the price of bichectomy. Therefore, we invite you to book your appointment by filling out the form or contacting us via WhatsApp. We’re specialists in Bichectomy in Bogotá!

medicina estética en bogotá
doctora maria fernanda benavides

Dr. María Fernanda Benavides

Medical Surgeon from Universidad del Bosque de Bogotá, with a Master’s in Aesthetic and Laser Medicine in Medical and Interventional Aspects from Universidad Islas Baleares de Palma Mallorca – Spain She also holds 2 diplomas, one in Ultrasonic Hydrolymphoclasia and Facial Rejuvenation from the International School of Aesthetic Medicine in Rome – Italy, and the other in Clinical Trichology from Universidad Nuestra Señora del Rosario Bogotá.

With over 20 years of experience in facial aesthetic treatments, body aesthetic treatments, and laser equipment use with cutting-edge technology.

Founder of Benavides Aesthetic Medicine, a specialized medical center in Bogotá for aesthetic and laser procedures such as facial rejuvenation, thread lifts, Botulinum Toxin, weight loss, hair loss, skin lesions, and more.

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