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Are fat burning foods a reality?

  1. Yes, this is how you read it!

Foods called fat burners help with good digestion, accelerate metabolism and prevent fluid retention. It is always necessary to include them in the daily diet, without overdoing it since the secret is to eat everything, varied and in its measurements.

There are foods that are better than others for burning fat, the problem is that we do not know how to eat, much less the properties of the foods we eat every day. In part, the objective of this article is to know which foods are good for our health and also which foods help us get rid of fat more easily.

I will mention several foods that burn fat and in turn have important properties for your overall health:

– Lettuce or green vegetables: It is a must in every salad. It is a good diuretic, it has a lot of iron and fiber.

-Dairy, with its high calcium content, helps to accelerate the functioning of the metabolism.

-Vitamin C found in citrus fruits such as kiwi, oranges, lemon, improves the immune system, lowers insulin naturally and burns calories.

-Cereals: They are important to lower cholesterol levels. Among these we find oats that contain a high fiber content, stabilize blood sugar levels, and contain beta-glucan that stabilizes the blood sugar of type II diabetics better than other types of fiber.

-Celery: It has diuretic properties and at the same time has detoxifying functions.

-Beet: It is considered a detox food (detoxifying), it purifies the body of all the waste we ingest daily.

-Garlic and onion: Improve circulation and regulate blood sugar.

-Fish: It is the food richest in Omega 3 fatty acids, essential to regulate cholesterol levels and speed up the functioning of the body; This food is at the pinnacle of fat burning foods. Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil improve cardiovascular health, reduce heart attacks and arrhythmias, improve brain function, skin and proper kidney function.

-Fruits, such as Grapes and Apples: They give a feeling of satiety and eliminate toxins. Broccoli contains sulforaphane, which gives it fat-burning properties; avocado, a fat-burning fruit due to its monounsaturated oleic acid content.

-Grapefruit and Grapefruit: It has been proven that people who include these fruits in their daily diet lose and burn fat in a surprising way.
-Green Tea: Helps detoxify the liver, diuretic and has fat burning properties.

My recommendation is to eat these foods that are pleasant to the palate and offer unsurpassed nutritional and medicinal properties. .

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