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We have different types of Alopecia

ANDROGENETIC: Also called AGA, the most common type.

It has a genetic pattern as its name indicates and is mostly observed in men, with a ratio of nearly 1-10, and also occurs in women, known as Female Androgenetic Alopecia (FAGA). In both cases, they are treated with regenerating and restructuring capillary medical devices, from the roots to the tips, with hydrating, nutritional, fortifying, and scalp activating treatments. These treatments involve factors such as growth factors, including platelet-rich plasma, stem cells, and biogenetic therapy. Additionally, capillary strengthening with antioxidants, vitamins, trace elements, and minerals, along with intradermal capillary injections and laser therapy, are part of the therapeutic arsenal used nowadays to combat hair loss.

EFFLUVIUMS: These occur during certain life stages such as pregnancy, stress, postpartum, after surgeries, drug treatments, iron-deficiency anemia, malnutrition, and hypovitaminosis where there are deficiencies in specific essential nutrients like zinc, copper, selenium, and iron, among others.

CICATRICIAL: This occurs in cases of severe diseases, associated pathologies, infectious, inflammatory, autoimmune, or systemic diseases. The management involves not only local but also systemic approaches with medications and drugs to counteract hair loss in an early and timely manner.

NON-CICATRICIAL: This is the third most common cause of hair loss after effluviums and androgenetic alopecia. The management usually responds satisfactorily with topical local treatments such as shampoos, lotions, tonics, laser, growth factors, and capillary and follicular strengthening, among others.

It’s important to note that these hair treatments should be carried out by a specialist in Aesthetics and Trichology and should be consistent and ongoing over time to see medium to long-term results.

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doctora maria fernanda benavides

Dr. María Fernanda Benavides

Medical Surgeon from Universidad del Bosque in Bogotá, with a Master’s degree in Aesthetic Medicine and Laser in Medical and Interventionist Aspects from Universidad Islas Baleares in Palma Mallorca – Spain. She also holds two diplomas, one in Ultrasonic Hydrolipoclasia and Facial Rejuvenation from the International School of Aesthetic Medicine in Rome – Italy, and another in Clinical Trichology from Universidad Nuestra Señora del Rosario in Bogotá. With over 15 years of experience in aesthetic treatments, including both body and facial procedures, as well as laser equipment treatments utilizing cutting-edge technology.

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